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            Solar Source Heat Extraction System         See How It Works... Click Here

Power Source Options:

Solar power only..     Mains power only..   Solar and/or mains power.  Very low energy use. The system will only draw mains power when there is insufficient solar energy i.e. at night.

The Solar Source Heat Extraction System is an expandable system with 1, 2 or 3 fans. Each pickup point has a designated fan rated at 135 CFM. It is able to pickup from up to 3 points e.g. 1, 2 or 3 room points, or from a ceiling space or a combination of both.

Control Options:

            Thermostat Control:  Set & Forget. Will turn on when temp reaches approx. 28° and turn off when temp drops to approx 20°.

            Control by the Sun:  Will turn on & off depending on available sunlight. (no mains power pack attached)

            Manual Control:  Able to be turned on or off to suit the individual's preferences.

No Chimney Effect..  The system cannot act like a chimney & draw heat from a room that needs to retain its heat.

The automatic butterfly valve cuts off the airflow, when fans are inactive.

Ducting.. Features the latest 'snap together' ducting technology.

Stand Alone.. Our systems are not reliant on the wind to operate.                       

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Enquiries:  Victoria: 03 5983 0052  South Australia: 08 8862 2324  Queensland: 07 5448 7010


 Solar Heat Extraction System   Made in Australia

Room or Roof Cavity Installation

Heat Extraction